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Columbia Cricket Club Tours Toronto 2024!

The Columbia Cricket Club is on 2 days tours to Toronto, Canada and scheduled to play a series consisting of 2 games against Toronto Cricket Club and King city, set for June14 and June 15.

Game 1: Toronto Cricket Club on Friday June 14th

Game 2:  King city, Niagara or another Toronto ground on Saturday June 15th

The Toronto Cricket Club has amazing international level ground, pitches, nets and facilities. We'll have refreshments served for drinks / lunch as part our our visit along with a dinner for both teams with adult beverages to close the night out.

Fun fact - the Toronto Cricket Club hosted the famous India vs Pakistan "Aloo" game.

Logistical Details:

- If you don't have a Visa, please apply ASAP!

- Ground is very accessible via subway and Toronto has many great options for Hotels/Airbnb. 

- Between the two games, we'd likely spend $100 [Should include the drinks/lunch/dinner/beers on Day 1 and lunch on Day 2]

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