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Captain and Vice Captain for CCL, MCL and WSL

After careful consideration, we are thrilled to announce the new captains and vice-captains for the upcoming seasons of the CCL, WSL, and MCL leagues. I want to thank all the participants for their leadership initiatives.

CCL (Commonwealth Cricket League)

Captain: Kabeer Chopra

Vice-Captain: Rochan Maheshwari

MCL (Millennium Cricket League)

Captain: Navam Shah

Vice-Captain: Amaresh Shetty

WSL (World Series League)

Captain: Dheeraj Piplani

Vice-Captain: Prashanth Maheshwar

We wish our new captains and vice-captains all the best for the upcoming seasons, and we hope to see some exceptional performances from them and their teams.

We will decide on captain and vice captain for NYNCL once we complete the process of NYNCL board member election.

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