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Game etiquette

Hello all,

I hope you are all enjoying the friendlies scheduled over the past month including our first tour to Louisiana. We have had many signups and some amazing games. These games don't just happen - there is lot of effort which goes into it. Some of which includes

  • Find a ground and make sure it is available

  • Find players and coordinate with both teams

  • Check mat availability

  • Make sure we have equipment like stumps, bails, new ball, cones, boundary flags

  • Carry the equipment to the ground on time

  • Create a fixture

  • Monitor signups

  • Monitor weather

  • Announce team or teams in case of intra club games

  • Set up game on CricClubs

  • Score online

  • Clean up after the game and make sure we have equipment for the next game

As you can see, there is a lot which goes into setting up these games. Sometimes we get help, but most of the times, it has been observed that some members just want to come when the game is all set up and play. Displaying good club etiquette is the minimum effort required by each player in order to make these games successful. Minimum requirements include

  • Show up on the ground at reporting time

  • Help with mat duties

  • Be respectful to all on the ground

  • Follow rules for venue

  • Clean up after you are done

We completely understand that there can be some unforeseen events or circumstances out of your control which might prevent you from helping at every game you attend. In such cases, you need to notify the organizer and captain immediately so that they can find a replacement or let the opponents or umpires know about the situation if required. But if anyone repeatedly comes late to the game OR leaves early OR cancels last minute OR does not help in mat duties for unacceptable reasons, it affects all the other players. It is not only disrespectful to your teammates and the people who have put lot of effort to set this up but it also gives our club a bad reputation. We have been observing such incidents and want to let everyone know that such misconduct will not be tolerated and strict action will be taken if these actions are repeated. Actions can range from single or multiple game ban (even if that means we play with less than 11), to suspension from club. This notice serves as the final warning for players who have been observed doing these actions.

Please check below the "Player Conduct" section 13.d under the constitution for other policies.

We all want to enjoy the game. So let's hope we don't need to take any of the above actions. Let's play the game in good spirits and respect each other's time and commitment. Looking forward to many more games. From, Columbia Cricket Club Board

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