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Last day for payment!

Hello cricketers,

Today (March 6th) is the last day for payment. If you want to part of a squad please pay today.

After tonight, a few things will happen immediately:

  1. We will announce the captains for each league. So if you pay after that unfortunately you will loose the opportunity to be one.

  2. We will place order for uniforms so you can receive them before season starts. If you haven’t placed an order yet please visit . We will place another order after a month only if we have at least 12 new requests for new uniforms. That’s the minimum order we can place.

  3. We have 21 signups for WSL and hence we will not accept any further signups in order to make sure members who have signed up get enough opportunities. However, we still have open slots for NYCL which is the only league we play on Sunday and NYNCL which is highly competitive league on Saturdays in Queens, ideal for people who don’t want to commute to VCP. Sign up before we run out of slots for the remaining leagues.

As you all have seen, we played our first friendly game today. So the season has already begun. Watch out for all fixtures posted on the website.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at

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