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Memberships 2023

Updated: Mar 14

Columbia Cricket Club is one of the largest and most diverse clubs in US. This year we will be participating in 4 different leagues along with tons of friendlies and tours. For each game that we enjoy, we need to pay upfront for different things like match balls, stumps, ground fees, flags, cones, etc. In addition to that we need to pay an entry fee to participate in the leagues. As you can see there are lot of expenses and to get ahead of those expenses we need to have membership fees. All membership fees are invested towards games and to grow the club. President, board members, treasurer, captains or other members of the club who help towards organizing games or running the club do not take any part of your membership fees. Last day to decide and pay for your membership is March 15th, 2023 by 11:59PM. Late payments will be charged an additional 10% late fee. You will get to select a squad of your choice as soon as you pay. If we have enough members(18-20) for a squad you will need to pick another squad. So please pay and select your squad ASAP.

Elite - $275 annual (Recommended)

Perfect for anyone who wants to play the entire season


  1. Unlimited games throughout 2023

  2. Access to all data on website content

Basic - $175 annual

Perfect for new members


  1. Eligible for max 7 games

  2. Access to all data on website content

To keep playing after 7 games:

  1. After 7 games, member will need to pay $15 per game.

  2. To upgrade to Elite membership w we member needs to pay additional $150.

Student - $150 annual

Perfect for graduate and undergraduate students who want to enjoy the beautiful game of cricket but are going through financial hardships


  1. Unlimited games throughout 2023

  2. Access to all data on website content


  1. Need to provide a copy of current student ID and current class registration towards your undergraduate or graduate degree.

  2. Must be enrolled as a full time student.

  3. Should not have a full time job.

Tryout - $20/game

Perfect to try out the best club in NY


  1. Save money if you are not sure if you want to join the club


  1. Only for fillers (non-club members, who can play if we don't have club member availability) up to maximum 3 games.

  2. Need to pay before each game.

Refunds: No refunds will be offered for tryout members

Payment details

Pay through Zelle

Before you pay remember to put following details in memo when you pay.

Columbia CC membership <Year> - <Type of membership>-<Name>

For example: Columbia CC membership 2023 - Elite - John Stones

Zelle Email: Please contact Siluvai George for payment related questions. Email: Phone: +1(347) 260-7347

Few noteworthy points

  • Membership fees include regular league games, friendlies, and tours.

  • To be fair to the people who are paid members of our club, no-one will be allowed to play for Columbia without paying for a game as per the proposed fee structure.

Please reach out to us for any additional information. Primary Email: Facebook page:

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