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New Treasurer Columbia Cricket Club

Dear Club Members,

I am happy to announce our new Treasurer. It's been a long search and no one stepped up to it. Upon reaching out to Sajid, he accepted this position!

I couldn't think of anyone who is more qualified for this position other than him. Sajid is a CPA licensed in NY with 15 years of accounting, finance, audit and tax experience. He recently launched his own accounting firm as well.

@Sajid_R CCC thanks for volunteering for this position. It's a never ending, thankless work keeping track of all the expenses and membership fees.

Finally, like every year we will publish our year-end financials by the end of this week.

Transparency is very important to the club management and its members. At the end of the day it's what keeps us accountable for the membership we collect and how we spend it for the club.

Once again thank you for making this club a great place to play cricket 🏏.

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