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O Captain! My Captain!

Based on the nominations and decision by the board, I am pleased to announce the captains and vice captains for our 3 leagues. Congratulations to the selected ones. Selection was made based on experience with the league/club, captaincy experience, leadership qualities and performances. Each candidate who applied was carefully considered for the position. For those who didn't get selected, we really appreciate your willingness to take initiative and encourage you all to try again next time. I hope you all will give your full support to the selected candidates. Please check the duties of captain and vice captain below. Apart from the below responsibilities please make sure everyone is treated equally and is given enough opportunities to prove themselves.

NYCL Captain: Kiran Kannancheri

Vice Captain: Ougni Chakraborty


Captain: Nahid Lendhey

Vice Captain: Navam Shah


Captain: Sharan Suresh

Vice Captain: Vamshi Teja Vallala

Duties of Captain:

  1. In-charge of all game-day logistics eg: game location, matting/nails if needed, new balls, stumps, bails, cones etc.

  2. In-charge of team and squad selection as per the policies set in the team selection guidelines addendum.

  3. In-charge of going through all the league related schedules & rules and ensure that they are communicated to the players in advance.

  4. Responsible for player conduct on the game day and will ensure that players adhere to club’s policies, league’s policies and park department's policies for conduct (Eg: No physical violence, public urination, drinking alcohol in the park, wearing spikes on matting, cheating etc.).

  5. Responsible for collecting match fees & keeping a record of it. Captains will need to then pass the match fees and the record to the treasurer.

  6. Responsible for accurate scoring during the game using CricClubs or any other scoring mechanism adopted by the team/club.

  7. Delegate responsibility to vice-captain and the rest of the team and squad as required to ease the burden of logistics.

  8. Make sure that all the rules set forth by the Club and respective leagues are being followed during team selection, and during the game.

  9. Responsible for maintaining all club owned equipment and returning it with normal wear and tear back to the club.

Duties of Vice Captain:

  1. Help captain in all the above responsibilities whenever required. Please note that final decision will be taken by the captain.

  2. Take over captaincy when captain is not available.

Wish you the best for the season!

As usual, if you have any questions please reach out to us at

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1 Comment

Siluvai George
Siluvai George
Mar 15, 2022

Congrats to all the Captain and VC!

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