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Practice Match 03/19/2022- Playing XII

Here is the team for this Saturday's game against Galacticos- We will be playing 12

Overs- 35 Ball- Red Ball

Uniform- White

Opponent- Galacticos

Location- Van Contlandt Park Bronx

Reporting Time- 9:15 AM

1. Ajay Chopra

2. Anantha Puroshotam

3. Karan Sharma

4. Mayur Saxena

5. Nahid Lendhey

6. Navam Shah

7. Nikhil Kumar

8. Preet Kumar

9. Raj Asokkumar

10. Rahul Sharma

11. Siluvai George

12. Vamshi Teja

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1 Comment

Siluvai George
Siluvai George
Mar 16, 2022

Nicely Done Rahul!

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