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Season 2023 - league participation

Dear members,

We are excited to announce that our club will be participating in not one, not two, but FOUR different leagues this year! We are looking forward to challenging ourselves and competing at the highest level in each of these leagues.

Board Member: Madhura Gunasekera

This will be our only league on Sundays. Most of the games will be played in VCP, Bronx. We will be playing in the regular afternoon league.

Board Member: Rahul Sharma

This league is known for its high level of competition and we are excited to take on some of the top teams in the region. Most of the games will be played in Queens.

Board Member: Arun Swaminathan

This league is known for its strong community and we are looking forward to building relationships with other teams and enjoying some fun matches. Most of the games are in VCP with few exceptions.

Board Member: TBD

This will be our first league participation in NJ. We are eager to test our skills against some of the top teams in NJ. Most of the games will be played in north/central jersey. We will need a new board member for this league which will be decided once we have the squad members who will elect their representative.

We are confident that our team has what it takes to succeed in each of these leagues and we can't wait to get started. We would like to thank all of our members for their hard work and dedication to the club. We look forward to representing our club and bringing home some trophies this year!

We are still deciding on the membership fees and will announce it before end of week. Once the membership fees are finalized, members would pay the fees and pick a squad.

Please reach out to us for any questions at or

Best regards,

Parikshit Desai,

President - Columbia Cricket Club

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